How it all began...

About three years ago I noticed my son Alistar, much like myself, was completely enraptured with cartoons and comics. They were his whole world. Alistar was either reading comics, watching cartoons, playing with his multitude of superhero toys, or drawing pictures of his favorite characters in the heat of battle. After seeing this I decided to do for him what my father did for me all those years ago, which was to show him that rather than immersing himself in other peoples characters and stories, he could create his own. We sat down together and after a few minutes of trying to make up the 'coolest' character in the world I said, "Why don't we make up the goofiest heroes we can think of with the goofiest super powers?" We spent the rest of the day laughing as we made a huge list of hilarious heroes and villains. It was out of this list that Fallguy and Car-Man were born.

A few days later we were getting ready for bed and instead of reading  bedtime stories Alistar asked me if we could make up our own. Thinking back to the list of characters, I told him to tell me a story about Fallguy and Car-Man versus the Human Grave (a villain that also came from the list). Without hesitation he told me a wonderful story where he introduced the characters, set up the plot, made up an exciting battle sequence, and even left it off with a thrilling cliffhanger. I was so amazed at how good that story was that after he went to sleep I got up and wrote the story down. We had so much fun the first night that telling stories about our Fallguy and Car-Man became our new bedtime ritual and in about week we had three or four more fantastic stories. It was then that I knew that we really had something special and that I was going to have to start making this into an actual comic book. The first comic I drew was Alistar's original story about the Human Grave, which has now become The Adventures of Fallguy and Car-Man, Episode00

Over the past few years The Adventures of Fallguy and Car-Man has evolved into a comic that not only pokes fun at comic tropes and cliches, but is also a loving homage to them. In order to try and keep the feeling of Alistars youthful imagination I have done quite a bit research into a child's act of play, comedy, camp, and parody. I have also spent the past few years exploring both written and visual storytelling while attending the Pacific Northwest College of Art, which has resulted in my thesis project The Adventures of Fallguy and Car-Man Episode01, Fallguy and Car-Man vs. the Anago. 

Although this series is still in its early stages of existence, I believe that this comic has, and will continue to have, something that readers of all ages can enjoy. So kick back, relax, and have some fun with two goofy superheroes and their hilarious, thrilling adventures.

Thank you,

Alistar and Anthony Anello.